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Ready to compete?



If you need matches, Junior Team Tennis is for you. If you need a team competition with opportunities to travel to the state/southern/national level, Junior Team Tennis is for you! 

  • Matches held on Sundays (times and schedule decided by selected team Captains)

  • Divisions broken into beginner/intermediate/advanced levels

  • Each division consists of 12&Under/14&Under/18&Under age brackets 

  • A Sunday "Match" has one team playing another with 4 courts: 1 doubles(boys)/1 doubles(girls)/1 singles(boys)/1 singles(girls). Roster set by Captain week to week.

  • 8 or more players required to form a team to avoid defaults due to player availability.

  •  Each team is associated with a club(Oakbourne, Beaver, Red's, Youngsville, etc)

  • After several weeks, qualifying teams compete at State in Baton Rouge, LA. Furthermore, those passing state progress to Southerns in Mobile, AL. ​​


Email Courtney Dugas with any Further Questions:

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