List of events

Please contact the Pro Shop regarding the Green Dot ball development as the schedule changes frequently.

The Green Ball level is played on a full-size 78-foot court, with a green ball and a 25-27-inch racket. Players in this format should display refined stroke technique, movement skills and recognition to properly cover the full-sized court.


Green players have the correct grips, preparation and swing paths for all strokes and a higher level of spin, pace and control than orange players. From the backcourt, green players have developed the forehand as weapon, a reliable backhand and sound decision making.


Tactically, green players have improved their ability to defend and also to attack the net with proper positioning and dependable execution of volleys and overheads. On the serve, green players are continuing to develop the serve as a weapon with refined spin, placement and consistency. When returning, green players have the ability to use the block return on more powerful first serves and have developed an aggressive second-serve return.