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The Mission:
Beyond being fun and a great form of exercise, our league is a competitive, level-based program. Its' focus is to grow each player's tennis skills, while also promoting stronger social and life skills. While working as a team, the players will learn these invaluable lessons.
Team Formats & Draft
All team captains draft their own players (except for ROG captains). Draft is a fantasy "snake order" type. 
1) ROG (Red,Orange,Green ball)
2) Rising Stars - All ages, UTR levels 1.0-3.0
3) Advanced - All ages, UTR Levels 3.1-7.5
Estimated Season dates:
Spring Season: mid February - late April
Fall Season: early October - early December
All matches are scheduled a week in advance. League matches are played on chosen Saturdays throughout each season.
Team Captain's Responsibilities
Team Captains will receive a scorecard for team lineups. They are required to fill that scorecard with match results and turn it to Tournament Desk after all matches are completed. In case a team captain needs to leave before the Team is finished, a captain is responsible of handing over the card to another team members. This  new addition will create more team effort, allow our staff to focus more on coaching. 
Make up Policy:
Players have 10 days to give their opponent at least 2 make up options, in case they aren't available for the designated match day. Players, who fail to do so, will default their line. Thus, the point will be awarded to the opposing team. 
Red Ball: Two 12 point Tiebreakers. A 7 point Tiebreakers in case of a tie. (example: 12-10, 5-12, 7-2)
Orange and Green Ball: two 4 game sets. A 7 point tiebreaker in case of a tie.  (example 4-2, 3-5, 7-2)
Yellow Ball: Regular two 6 game sets. A 10 point tiebreaker in lieu of 3rd set. (example 6-4, 5-7, 10-7)

Team Standings:                   
Team standings will be updated after Round 5. Each player's win is worth 1 point for the team. 
Season Length:
The season will end once each of 4 teams play against each other twice (6 matches)
$55 non members, $49 Oakbourne members. (Includes a dri-fit team shirt). 
Prizes for the following awards (season 2019)
1) 1st place: iTunes Store Gift Cards for winning team members
2) Team Spirit Award 
3) Sportsmanship Award
4) League MVP  
What size court will be used?                    
All matches will be played on a age and level appropriate court size, such as Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball, Yellow Ball. For more information about each level visit our training page. 
League Coaches:
Janusz Conradi - League coordinator,  Courtney Dugas - ROG Division Coordinator, Carl Alberton, Brandon Nicholson, Daniel Holland
League Coordinators
If you have any additional questions, please email the league coordinators, Janusz Conradi at or Courtney Dugas at
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