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Mission: Fall in love with the sport!Practice session filled with fun drills, games, Play Days, Festivals, Summer Camps are organized for kids throughout the year. Smaller rackets, slower balls and in most cases smaller courts are used for this age group. This allows us to coach them through the process which kids like the most, - playing points. That way players develop proper and simple technique, implement more advanced tactics and are able to immediately use it in their game. 

Second Step: Ages 5-10 Competition

Competition for 10 & under players is established by the coordinator in schools and clubs. Competitions use shorter scoring systems and multi-match formats and can be operated in team or individual formats. The competition should provide regular opportunities for the young children to develop in a safe and positive environment, using the appropriate slower red, orange, and green balls, and appropriate court sizes. Competition or informal matchplay will ideally be offered by coaches and teachers to players on a weekly basis. Suitable competition formats can be found at

14&Under Training

Players who have come through appropriate 10&Under development next receive advanced technical, tactical, mental and physical training to help them maximize their potential. Usually these players should train, where possible, for 12 hours per week (mix of tennis and physical/co-ordination) at age 11. These hours will be slowly increasing as they get older.

14&Under  Competition

Access to regular, high level competition is essential. High performance competition needs to be provided at 12 & under and 14 & under, with multi-match formats used to ensure all of the players play sufficient matches. The best players from the competitions will be selected to represent their state in Southern regional circuits and USTA training camps at 14 & under.

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