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Click on your age group to view the schedule.

Match Day Reminders:​​

  1. Yellow Ball Doubles scoring: 2 regular sets to 6 games. 3rd set a 10point tiebreaker. (e.i. 6-4 7-5)

  2. Green and Orange Ball Scoring: Two 4-game sets. 3rd set is a 7point tiebreaker (e.i. 4-2, 5-3) 

  3. Match times are posted by players names

  4. Please check in on the upper deck 15min prior to your scheduled match. We will try to start as soon as courts open up. 

  5. All Red and Orange ball meet on Coach Courtney's court.

  6. Court numbers will be assigned during the check in. 

  7. All players must clean up the court of any balls and trash.

  8. 5 minute warmup. After 5 minutes all full court players spin and choose who serves first, and they start the match right away. 

  9. Players must ask any designated coach if they can leave the court to use bathroom

  10. Designated coaches are allowed to stand next to your court or to sit on your court. 

  11. Both players come to report the score when finished

  12. Players must bring all 3 balls back to the desk, after the match is completed.


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