Red Ball Program Mission

Our Red Court groups train on a small 36 foot court with a soft red dot ball. The racket size depends on the player's height. However, a 23inch long racket is the most typical for ages 5-8, while a 25inch racket fits most 8-10 year olds.  


Red Court level the most important developmental stage in our program! 


Our main mission is to help each young player fall in love with the sport. Thus, plenty of mini competitive options and fun oriented games will be available throughout the season. 


Our next goal is to make each player understand the concept of rallying. Fundamentals such as positioning, balance, contact point, bounce recognition and swing control will allow the player to be a real "Rally master" before moving up to the Orange Court. 

Technical goals:

Players in this format are being introduced to the proper continental grip, a quick preparation and an efficient swing path for each stroke.


Tactical goals:

The Red Court players are acquiring the skills of consistency, moving the opponent, and basic ball bounce recognition. 

Competition for Red ball players:

It's very important for our youngest players to be properly introduced to competition. Thus, all matches are modified and simplified and are level appropriate. Moreover, most of the matches are organized in a team format.