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(3) Register for Clinics via CourtReserve app

(attendance is flexible throughout entire summer)

(4) All payments taken at end of the month (cash or check delivered to pro-shop written to Oakbourne) according to balance seen under "billing" of CourtReserve app

**Members are billed according to app balance through account**

DON'T WAIT TO REGISTER! Summer schedule goes from June 6th-August 5th

Summer 2022 Programs:

Red/Orange, Ages 5-10:
Tuesday/Thursday 5:00-6:00 pm
Fundamentals of stroke technique(grip, prep, contact, follow through), Hand Eye, Reaction with feet and hands in rally scenario

Beginner Middle/High School, Ages 11-18:
$100 week/$35 day 

9-11(drill), 11-12(matches)

Further understanding of technique and its effects on ball characteristics(topspin, power, placement), Improve body position when receiving ball, Full Court Rallying 

Intermediate/Advanced, Ages 11-18:
Monday(10:00-2:30), Tuesday(10:00-2:30), Thursday(10:00-2:30)
Without Fitness: $120 week / $50 day
With Fitness: $180 week / $70 day

[9-10(fitness-option), 10-12(drill), 12-1(lunch-included), 1-2:30 matches]
Experiment and adapt within points(technique, decision making), Singles tactics, Doubles tactics

Elite, Ages 11-18:
Monday(8:30-2:00), Tuesday(8:30-2:00), Thursday(8:30-2:00)
Without Fitness: $180 week / $60 day 
With Fitness: $240 week / $80 day

[8:30-10 (drill), 10-11 (fitness), 11-12 (lunch), 12-2 (matches)]
Tactical point construction with respect to strengths and weaknesses, Improve Fitness


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